Public Schools Are Going To Teach Kids All About… SATAN?!

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  • When the Supreme Court says religious clubs can meet on school grounds, they mean all religions!

    The Satanic Temple is now offering after school extracurricular activities for public school students who want to learn more about the great prince of darkness. The offer was created after the Supreme Court released a ruling that mandates public schools must allow religious organizations to hold their programs on school grounds.

    I’m sure the goal was bible club, but what they weren’t expected was After School Satan (or A.S.S. for those of you who like acronyms).

    All kidding aside and for a bit of clarity, the Satanic Temple doesn’t actually worship the devil. It’s a secular group that promotes critical thinking and rationality. They also utilize their status as a religious organization to take advantage of the same rights and advantages that churches receive. They use Satanic imagery to scare fundamentalists who don’t realize or even bother to look up what the group is actually representing.

    Either way, the programs are already seeing a backlash, and who knows if any students will actually enroll in them.

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