People Can’t Stop Photoshopping Jared Leto’s Green Coat

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  • Leto coat
  • When Jared Leto decided to live his fashion dream and buy this green coat for the Suicide Squad premiere, he never could have imagined this!

    Leto’s bright green coat has been the talk of the internet since someone posted a photo of Leto’s reaction to seeing the coat for the first time. Naturally, Reddit decided they had to get in on the action, and the photoshop battle to end all photoshop battles began (much to our delight).

  • Ihdbxq2
  • Bpnx6v4
  • Qfujlum
  • Aiv3ubs
  • Uvegsey
  • Ugaw4uk
  • Req
  • And my personal favorite:

  • Yuvohve
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