Comedian Texts Acquaintance, Jumps for Joy When They Text Back

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  • Comedian Jack Whitehall was excited when he got the number from fellow comedian Chico, but when he texted him, he got “snubbed”. All of that happened 5 years ago, and to his joy Jack finally got that text back!

    In what could still be considered a better love story than Twilight, Jack Whitehall sent out a text to Chico while filming on The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz 2015. The panel also tried to get Chico to come to the set, but unfortunately was unable to since it seems he had to give his wife some patented Chico time.

    It’s hard to believe he had no idea why Whitehall was texting him because if this is improvised it’s freaking brilliant.

    Have you ever had such a big reaction to a text? Tell us your story in the comments down below or on Twitter @WhatsTrending!

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