Meet This Olympic Archer Who Shoots with His Feet

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  • Did you ever try archery at summer camp? I did, for three years, and it was super difficult. Even the kids who did really well at every other physical activity couldn’t seem to get it together to hit the target on purpose more than a couple times by the end of camp.

    Matt Stutzman not only hits the target, but holds the Guinness World Record for the longest accurate archery shot at a distance of 310 yards. And he shoots with his feet.

    Stutzman has lived without arms since birth, but he clearly has not let that hinder him in any way. The video shows him effortlessly doing a ton of tasks we all do every day (including driving!), but as if that isn’t impressive enough, he just had to go and become a phenomenal archer, putting the rest of us to shame. Stutzman, who competes for the U.S. in the Paralympics, insists that he doesn’t just want to be the best archer against other people without arms — he wants to be the best in the world. And it seems like he’s certainly on his way there.

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