Driver in Japan Ends a Life While Playing Pokémon Go

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  • Pokémon Go is still one of the most popular games in the world, although its popularity is fading. With stories like armed robbery and fake murder dogging the game since its release, and the first death resulting from the game coming last month, its popularity is likely to continue to wane. The latest tragic story to come from Pokémon Go may contribute to this decline.

    According to the Verge, Japanese police say a 39-year-old farmer in rural Tokushima Prefecture hit two women with his truck while playing the augmented reality game. One of the victims died on the scene, and the other was seriously injured.

    Over 1,000 citations have been issued to people in Japan for playing the game in dangerous ways, “such as while driving a vehicle or riding a bicycle,” reports the Wall Street Journal. As of this writing, 79 accidents have been reported, with 22 involving injuries. This is the first fatal accident reported in Japan so far.

    Our thoughts are with the victims’ families. Don’t drive distracted.

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