Period absorbing underwear brand THINX hosted a groundbreaking fashion show in Chelsea last night.
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  • New York Fashion Week: now with actually helpful fashion and not just Kanye West’s fainting models.

    Bodyform isn’t the only feminine hygiene brand stepping up their lady-power game. THINX period absorbing underwear is on the rise and kicking some serious ass. This week, the underwear company hosted a chic promotional fashion show for New York Fashion Week at a Chelsea warehouse venue.

    According to Jezebel, last week, the company released a particularly inspiring YouTube invitation promoting the “Intersection 2016” event. The vid, which you can check out above, featured THINX workers inviting NYC magazines like Teen Vogue and NYLON to stop by their show September 8th and to wear ‘all white’. Invitations to the show were encased in concrete. To open the invite, invitees had to smash the concrete — the same way one might smash the patriarchy or something.

    The creative invitation was super vague but promised performance art and feminism so yeah, I would have totally bought into it.

    Last night, show attendees of all genders lined up around the block at the Chelsea venue, and guests who failed to wear a white top were told that they wouldn’t get a seat but could stand inside. THINX staff was very serious about the dress code.

    Here’s a quick look at how the awesome set design came together:

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  • Once inside, guests were sat on cubes and asked to stay put. As the lights dimmed, performers emerged from the audience and talked about the menstruation revolution. All of the speakers were wearing white ensembles tucked into styles and variations of THINX brand undies. Needless to say, the show broke a few NYFW barriers and also featured the voices of both women and transgender men who are fans of the products.

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