Britney and Justin Want to Make Music Together (No, It’s Not 1999)

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  • A lot has changed in the world since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake ruled the world together from 1999 to 2002. People born during their relationship are driving cars now. Even so, Britney is still rocking the VMAs, and Justin has a new concert special coming to Netflix. In other words, it’s not the most surprising news that they’re reportedly both interested in a musical collaboration.

    In a recent AskAnything chat on Most Requested Live, Britney answered a slew of questions from fans. Out of everything in the five-and-a-half minute Q&A session, one answer has gotten by far the most attention.

    When asked by a fan “What music producer or music video director haven’t you worked with yet but want to work with?” Britney instead answered with a list of musicians she’d like to collaborate with. She said she’d be interested in working with Aerosmith, Gwen Stefani… and her former flame, Justin Timberlake. Here’s the original video; the relevant part starts at 3:51:

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  • Then, at the red carpet at the Toronto Independent Film Festival, an E! News reporter broke the news to Justin. He seemed pleasantly surprised — and interested! Here’s the clip from E!:

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  • If this collaboration ends up happening, I can’t wait to buy a MIDI version of it as a notification sound for my Tamagotchi.

    What do you think? Will the Britney/Justin collab ever happen? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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