“I Wish They’d Teach Us More About Vikings” = Best Pickup Line

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  • Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently a girl was going through her old books and stumbled upon an American Girl Library classic ‘A (Smart) Girl’s Guide To Boys: Surviving Crushes, Staying True To Yourself And Other Stuff‘ by Nancy Holyoke. Because how else are women supposed to know anything about BOYS? Women don’t know things! ALSO, if you’re ahead of the game and are no Viking novice, here’s a thousand year old Viking treasure to check out, for, uh, reasons.

    T God for American Girl or we would really all be in the dark.

    Well Imgur user Doyousellfreezepopshere (nice name) posted her trial run of a conversation starter/lame pick up line from said patriarchal book.

    Here’s a pic of the ~conversation starter~ she found.

  • Vikings-centric pick up line from the book.

  • And here’s a screen shot of how well it went over with her ~crush~.

    Girl texts boy using book advice
  • BUT it’s actually working really well for others who have tried out the tactic. It’s turning into a huge meme and everyone wants to post their Vikings troll post on the Internet. Why am I not surprised?

  • Like, what?

  • There was also a proposal.

  • What do you think? Are vikings sexy or just history better left to the mind’s eye? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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