Try Not to Weep at This Video of Dogs Getting Rescued From the Streets

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  • Hope you’re ready to cry. These three dogs were left homeless after their owner’s passing, and had to be rescued. (If you’d prefer a story about cute animals that don’t need to be rescued, we’ve got a fat cat!)

    The dogs, Fred, Ricky, and Ethel, are all small dogs, but capturing them looked like a major task. After their owner died, they were homeless for eighteen months, stuck wandering the streets to find food. Hope for Paws, an organization devoted to rescuing animals from these kinds of situations, stepped in to bring them to a shelter.

    Fred was found in the side lawn of his former master’s home, and was successfully captured within minutes. He had not been shown affection in months, but immediately responded well.

    Ricky and Ethel were harder to catch. Ricky was the last to be caught, as he woke up when his friend/fellow pet Ethel was caught. The organization was able to catch them with gentle snares – those things they’re shown using and calling “sticks” function just like a leash and collar, and are perfectly safe.

    All three dogs are shown safe, clean, and healthy by the end of the video and are up for adoption at Ark Animal Rescue in Orange County, California. They look like very good dogs, yes they do! Good dogs! You can also donate to Hope for Paws so they can save more animals.

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