These Guys Scare Everyone by Pretending to Be Wax Figures

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  • YouTube channel Yes Theory has debuted their new video. In it, hosts Matt, Ammar, and Thomas play wax figures. The trio takes to London, and Madame Tussaud’s, for the prank. It’s not the first time wax figures have been featured on this websit — remember Ian and Anthony from SMOSH playing with theirs?

    The trio begin by donning makeup. Their friend tells them this is what women do every day. They’re shocked, and it’s clear this is their first time in makeup. They’re trying to get that waxy look, but unfortunately don’t succeed.

    Which means that they run into problems — first, they don’t look like the other wax figures, which are clearly wax; second, they can’t stand still very long. While they made sure to take care of blinking (sunglasses), they can’t move at all.

    Luckily, that’s where the prank comes in. They’re able to scare the tourists and children. Who wouldn’t be scared of wax figures suddenly coming alive? That’s a Scooby Doo plot. Wax might low key be one of the most terrifying things this year. That’s after clowns and the election.

    If this feels a little familiar, it’s because One Direction pulled a similar stunt a few years ago:

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  • What do you think? Would you ever go to Madame Tussaud’s? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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