LeBron’s New Sprite Ad Is Actually a Pretty Good Consent Metaphor

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  • LeBron James is inarguably his generation’s greatest basketball player. He’s also up there with Peyton Manning as his generation’s best sports pitchman. Now, he’s promoting Sprite. By not promoting Sprite. He’s got company from Lil’ Yachty, another Sprite promoter. The last time we covered LeBron promoting something, it was this ad for Blaze Pizza.

    LeBron says throughout the ad that he’s not going to tell you to drink Sprite. It’s just something he’s not going to do. Not if he’s in a Sprite ad – he is. Not if Lil Yachty is singing a song about Sprite – he is. Not if the ice cave is a metaphor – it is. No matter the situation, LeBron won’t tell you to drink Sprite.

    Are you eating hot wings and your only salvation is Sprite? LeBron’s not going to tell you to drink it. Is it written on a cue card? Man, LeBron is ignoring that cue card. What about trendy, hip people all drinking Sprite? LeBron doesn’t care.

    But LeBron will ask you to drink Sprite. Do ask, don’t tell. How considerate! It reminds us of this now-classic video about consent and tea:

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

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