Merry Christmas! Here’s Chewbacca Singing Silent Night!

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  • Christmas content, Star Wars content, all of it brings a joy and a smile to our otherwise coal black hearts! How It Should Have Ended, while normally telling us how things should have ended, instead tell us how it — should have been sung!? Look above and witness— witness— witness the Wookie known to us only as Chewbacca roar out Silent Night.

    Where once this perennial Christmas classic had words— this is not how it should be. We should not be concerned with words, but revel in the joy of Wookie roars! Roar for us Chewbacca! Roar for us!

    Even Peter Mayhew, the actor who plays Chewbacca to this day, saw and appreciated the video.

  • We would of course be fools not to mention Chewbacca’ past associations with Christmas when his family was the center of the famously loathed Star Wars Holiday Special. Chewbacca, Silent Night is all well and good but when are you going to finally discuss your weird son Itchy!? Chewbacca! Oh he’s singing again.

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