In 2017 I Woke Up In Hollyweed

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  • Hollyweed

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  • Oo! Puff puff baby! Maybe 2017 won’t be all bad! Mmmm!

    As its final act of 2016, the year had a difficult experience for Mariah Carey. But as its first act of 2017, the Hollywood Sign, for a shining moment, was transformed into Hollyweed! Oo, puff puff!

    Few know the identity of the mysterious man (the only thing known of him is his gender), but we do know this. By draping a few sheets over the O’s in the Hollywood sign to make them look like e’s, he knows the location of the stinkiest weed, the freshest takes, and the coolest puffs. For one shining moment we were living not in the terrifying present, but the glorious 1970’s, where stinky stinky weed was ours to enjoy, and everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.

    The sign change was most likely an enactment of the legalization of weed in Los Angeles as of this year, a very good thing we all voted on that got buried under all the bad stuff we voted on.

    In any case, comedians Cameron Esposito and Morgan Murphy put it best.

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