Is This Doll Emma Watson or Bieber?

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  • Imagine you’re a gentle toy maker, putting the finishing final tiny touches on your latest creation, a beautiful work of art— sure it’s meant to promote a Disney movie, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to be precise — but you made it with love, damn it.

    “My only wish,”, the toy maker says as he puts his beautiful creation out into the world “Is that no one point out how much the doll looks like Justin Bieber and p’wns me savagely on the internet for it” He smiles.

    Gentle toy maker. I am so so sorry.

    The doll of Emma Watson as Belle for the live action Beauty and the Beast remake looks ridiculously like Justin Bieber, the singer behind such hits as “Baby”, I mean, check it out! Look at it!

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  • Of course, maybe a Justin Bieber comparison is the best case scenario…

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  • I am sorry, poor toymaker. If it makes any difference, you have brought the internet so much joy.

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