Ben Affleck Has Something to Say About Donald Trump v. Meryl Streep

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    In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Ben Affleck told the audience what he thinks of Trump’s “overrated” remark about Meryl Streep. Trump had made the remark after Meryl Streep gave a speech criticizing Trump for mocking a disabled journalist.

  • “If there’s one thing truly in the world that we know is not true, it’s that Meryl Streep is overrated.” Affleck declared, with Kimmel bursting out in laughter, and the audience cheering.

    Affleck opined that claiming Meryl Streep was overrated is like saying Gandhi is a “terrible leader”.

    Kimmel replied, “In fairness to Donald Trump though, the nicest insult he can give someone is that they’re overrated, you know?”

    “I guess, but pick a better shot, rather than a person whose photograph accompanies ‘great actress’!” Affleck retorted.

    Affleck has a point. Meryl Streep becomes the character she plays in a way that most other actors simply cannot. Hello, Devil Wears Prada, anyone? Can you imagine anyone else having played Miranda Priestly? Maybe Glenn Close but that’s it. How can Trump comeback with such a weak shot? Maybe he’s not the hard-hitter his supporters all believe he is. Perhaps, he is the one that is—as one of our articles has pointed out—“overrated”.

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