Honest Trailer Turns Its Eye on “The Princess Bride”

How can they roast the perfect movie!? They find a way!
By Alex Firer
  • We’ve had quite a few Honest Trailers where the movie they’re being honest about is… honestly very good. Remember when they did The Empire Strikes Back a few weeks ago? Now they’re back with another honest trailer for a movie that’s honestly unbelievable – The Princess Bride. Perfect for their fan appreciation week!

    The film discusses the ins and outs of a movie that’s frankly very great. About how— well, maybe the film doesn’t sound quite as romantic when read in the grandpa’s voice. Or how darn polite everyone is when fighting (something that right now seems like an absolute escape), but like in The Empire Strikes Back, one they can’t help it, this movie is great.

    Alright, Honest Trailers, I’m sure some stinking piece of garbage will wash up on your snark shores yet!

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