Adorable Father Daughter Team Sing Toy Story Song Together

Not unlike Woody and Buzz, Claire and her dad make a great team.
By Whatstrending
  • Do you remember watching Toy Story when you were younger and singing along to that one song? Well, here comes the nostalgia train!

    We’ve seen some cool father-daughter activity, and this duet is perhaps one of the cutest ones! In this live performance, four-year-old Claire Ryann sings side-by-side with her dad, who is also playing the guitar. This video is a great pick-me-up. Claire and dad’s singing, plus the guitar, is on point!

    The song, written by Randy Newman, which was made famous in the Toy Story franchise, sings about the friendships that allow us to stay strong during difficult times. And of course, it looks like Claire and her dad’s bond through music is a perfect match for this sweet tune.

    That family bonding is adorable! Our little hearts are warmed by their relationship. It’s nice to see a little light amongst all the darkness.

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