Is That Tom Brady On Jimmy Kimmel Live, or a Trick?

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  • It was a turbulent Super Bowl this week, but the Patriots pulled off the impossible and actually beat the Atlanta Falcons, with an unbelievable lead. You can forgive Tom Brady for wanting to do a bit of a victory lap by going on Kimmel— but is that Brady? Or is it… tricksterism!? Is it the work of a trickster towards Kimmel, a gift he should not accept? Watch the video friend then tune in…

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    M-m-m-matt Damon!?

  • Wait. It’s not Tom Brady at all! It’s one Matthew Damon, arch-rival of our talk show host hero! Oh Damon! Thou trickster demon! How dare you spawn and weasel your way in following our Super Bowl pride and glory! Away with thee, fowl force, away with thee!

    In the end, Matt Damon didn’t get to sit on the couch, making him not an official guest on the show, and we were safe from Matt Damon… for now.

    Did you dig the sketch? Did you wish Tom Brady was actually on instead of that fowl deceiver Damon? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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