Six Year Old Judge Dispenses Adorable Justice

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  • We have complex feelings about our court system. Are judges too lenient on crime, are they not lenient enough? And of course the courtroom setting is one that triggers intense feelings of anxiety. Well, we have one cure for all that. Are you ready to meet the absolutely adorable— Kid Judge!?!?

    Well, she’s a temporary judge, but in this cute as all heck video, a six year old girl is asked to dispense justice on her mom’s parking ticket. The judge (the regular boring old awful ADULT JUDGE — UGH) asks the girl if her mom should pay the full ticket ($100), half the ticket ($50) or be forgiven. Look, do you think Kid Judge is some weeping heart liberal judge!? No, I don’t think so. Kid Judge said her mom should pay the $50 which— look, the adult judge lowered it to one breakfast. Adult Judge. I am glad you saved this family from the hard right proclivities of Kid Judge.

    How about you? Do you live in pants wetting, sweat inducing fear of Kid Judge? I know I do. Let us know your complex feelings on Kid Judge in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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