Representative Makes Stranger Things Meme To Explain Trump

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  • This representative is not wrong. Things aren’t normal right now between all the Donald Trump chaos and whatnot, and the only way it seems we can truly express this State Representative’s pained plea of that fact is when he does so by comparing today’s era to the Netflix TV Show “Stranger Things”.

    Yes it is true, it is like we are in the Upside Down both when demigorgons attack us and when the president does stuff like obviously collude with Russian forces to undermine American democracy. And no, the sheriff from Stranger Things won’t save us — mainly because he is not a real person and also, that’s just not his jurisdiction. I love this representative’s passion, and his use of prestige streaming service drama to get us to pay attention to things that are important!

    It’s like how when Woodward and Bernstein used Hanna Barbera’s Secret Squirrel to take down Richard Nixon, a think that never happened, but I like to pretend did.

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