This Teacher REALLY Didn’t Want A Surprise Party

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  • Look. Next time someone says they don’t want a surprise party, please do your best to listen to them. Otherwise, this kind of level of pained hyper super awkwardness can occur. When the students of this high school went to surprise their teacher — with masks of him on their face, people with pints and all — they didn’t know the level of sourness which could occur! I mean, who could!?

    The video which — admittedly might be fake, if rumblings from Twitter are to be believed — shows a teacher getting surprised as he looks sourly on. A student puts his arm around him, he wants to take a comic selfie! No no no, dear student. The professor takes the phone and smashes it on the floor.

    The children shuffle out awkwardly in complete silence. Is it fake? Is it real? And honestly, which one is crazier, a teacher losing his temper, or 40 people banding together to create a video of a teacher losing his temper? Either way? What a delight!

    So what do you think of this video? Real or fake? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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