Glitter Butt Is Here

By Alex Firer
Shiny butts, new trend.

  • Do you love glitter? Do you love butts? Of course you do! Everyone does! Both of those things are universally adored by every living creature, from the glitter loving amoeba, to the butt loving antelope! Like to the watering hole, every creature in the world roams to hunt down the latest example of glitter or butt — and now we finally have the combination — the glitter butt challenge!

    Created to augment the concert going experience, Instagram user “Gypsy Shrine” created the glitterbutt look and showed it off on Instagram to the delight of all. It’s a look that’s, if you would pardon the expression — and my goodness do I hope you pardon the expression — cheeky. I hope you got that pun, my friend.

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  • Glitter Butt ain’t for everyone though. Maybe you could try some of the other glitter body trends. Glitter beard!? Glitter hair!? Glitter glitter where you take your glitter and you make it all the shinier!? What do you think of all these glitter trends? Let us know in our shiny comments section or on our sparkling Twitter at @WhatsTrending.