Beautiful Dog Rescued From Garage, Kisses Rescuer

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  • This is a very hard, but ultimately rewarding video. A rescuer was called in after it was reported that a dog — a pitbull named Leesa was bleeding underneath a car in a garage. When the rescuer arrives, he looks at the pitbull, her eyes weeping at him as she tries to make her way away from him, hiding further. The rescuer knows he has to make this pitbull feel comfortable. He gets on his belly and scratches her head, calming her down. He shows her his favorite leash, which wins her over further. By the time the video has reached its end, this once terrified dog makes it way out from under the car and even gets comfortable enough with the rescuer to kiss him, and the rescuer kisses her right back. He takes her in for treatment, and at the end of the video we see the pitbull happier than ever — healthy, tail wagging, and running around.

    You can help dogs like Leesa but going to and donating, and you can adopt Leesa or dogs like Leesa and give them a home by going to

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