Skinless Tickle Me Elmo Is a Nightmare Vision

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  • We have a complicated relationship with robots. When they’re mechanical beasts, we’re wary but impressed. When they’re disembodied voices, we give in to their comfort, sometimes against our better judgement. But when they’re red and covered in fur, we go “my goodness, these little cuties couldn’t imaginably be very harmful towards me“. Such was our reaction to the Tickle-Me-Elmo, the popular 90’s toy that laughed when you rubbed its tiny Muppet belly. Yet one internet user has peeled off Elmo’s fur and turned it on to reveal a horrific beast from another world.

    The creature that was once Elmo but now is only known as Nightmare cackles at the sky and demands to be played with. This beast from the nightmare child dimension cackles, and wants to be held. You are now the child’s parent and Elmo Beast your baby. Embrace it friends, embrace it!

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