Horse! Stomps! Alligator!

Madness in the animal kingdom again strikes with warnings few.
By Alex Firer

  • Once in a while you see a motion picture the kind that changes your life, changes the way you see the world and changes the way you witness cinema. It’s a shame that the new Star Wars trailer had to come out today because now it must compete with the buzz— the hype— and the glory surrounding the ursine reptilian video known as Horse Stomps Gator.

    The film is a subtle masterpiece of mise en scene as a crowd of onlookers witness a horse and an alligator meet. Like the set up to a masterful joke, the conflict is set to arise, and lo and behold, the might cinehoof stomps down big on the gators little body! Not how you thought this madness would break! Animal madness! Gore and blood! Violence! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    It’s not penguins fighting, but it’s not bad.

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