Tennis Match Interrupted By Voiceforous Sex Havers

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  • I’ve heard of tennis matches interrupted by bad weather, but tennis matches interrupted by loud sex!? G’oh!

    This was the situation when a Florida tennis match (of course, it’s Florida, whispered the hackneyed, but correct, blogger), between players Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Kreuger at the Sarasota Open was interrupted completely by the sounds of loud lovemaking. The announcers — a prim and proper crowd to be sure, with no room in their minds for your messy and confusing “sex having discussions” thought at first it was a pornographic clip someone was playing. Then, lo and behold, they realize this is no pornography. Someone in a nearby building is just having sex just that loudly.

    The best reactions of these two short videos come from player Frances Tiafoe, who shouts “He can’t be that good!” as the noises just show absolutely no sign of stopping. Boy oh boy you guys. Embarrassing!

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