Nuggs Guy BREAKS Twitter Record, Gets Nuggs

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  • So let me tell you the tale, of a man named the Nuggs Guy. He wanted not burger, not milkshake, or McDonald’s fry. He wanted but one food — to his twas delicious — although to the outside, not quite as nutritious. He wanted some nuggets, from Wendy’s specific — and he knew how to get them — which to us is terrific.

  • On Twitter the lad went on Twitter and to Wendy’s feed and asked — how many retweets for some nuggets I need? Wendy’s scoffed and responded “For a year’s worth? 18 million.” They might as well have said infinity, a billion, a zillion. But Nuggs Guy fought on! “A Man Needs His Nuggs”, he shouted on Twitter from dusk and till dawn. From dusk and till dawn, his Tweet was retweeted — would it reach 18 million? Will the nuggs be reheated?

    This journey we’re on, in this terrible life. Sometimes it has nuggets. Sometimes it has strife. But when the great Aaron Paul himself would proclaim —

  • We can’t help but feel same.

    But I have good news for all you nuggs watchers — he broke the Tweet record! Most retweets he’s gotten! Before this young gent, the record was Ellen’s, on her Oscar selfie— it was more than eleven! The Tweet was exciting — its message was clever–

  • Twas 3.4 million, a naught paltry amount — which shrinks before the Nuggs guy’s great bount… (y of retweets).

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  • 3.5 million! And as you give hugs — take solace in this—

  • What think you of the story, oh wonderful reader — please tell us in comments, or maybe on Tweeter (er— Twitter). Our handle’s @WhatsTrending, and have you no doubts. For eighteen mill retweets, I’ll out you a shouts.

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