Late Night Comics TEAR APART Trump’s Firing of Comey

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  • If you’re like me, and find the news too deeply upsetting, the balming soothing energy of our comedy late night heroes is one of those things that will absolutely ease the pain. Today’s subject of absolute madness? Trump’s firing of Comey during his investigation into Donald Trump’s blindingly obvious foray into using Russia to manipulate the election as Russian painfully obviously has compromising material of him.

  • So yeah — and two of the best takes came from The Daily Show and one of its alums — Stephen Colbert. Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, who at long last has come into his own following his rocky start, discusses the Comey firing. Trevor Noah discusses the absurdity of Trump using Comey’s meddling in the election — to Trump’s advantage — to fire him. Doesn’t Trump hate Hillary?

    Trevor Noah also goes into the testimony of Sally Yates and wonders — what is it with Trump that he is more worried about PR problems than being an actual threat to national security.

  • On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert explores the awfulness of the situation — and informs the audience, who amazingly doesn’t know — that this is a bad thing. Colbert explores the firing of Flynn, the investigation, and the ridiculousness of this Trump’s dumb creepy attempts to hide his ties with from the world.

    In any way — no matter who Trump fires, he won’t get people to look away from what an incompetent criminal mess he is. A bully who treats people badly can’t get away for long. None of this is in the shadows. We’ll be okay I think. I hope.

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