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  • Folks, are we overworking our beloved national mascots? They come out to the field, they try to rile up the crowd. Sometimes they even save lives. But do we respect them? Do we show them any love? No! We love the players — the worst part of baseball! Ugh! And let us pity kind hearted Mr. Met — his head is a baseball! That’s the thing all the players hit and throw around! We have overworked and disrespected our good gigantic costumed citizens, so how can we be surprised when Mr. Met goes ROGUE and flips off a fan who recorded the whole thing!

  • Mr. Met! Such rudeness is not befitting of a messed up baseball man of your class and stature! The world’s stupidest children look up to you! Mr. Met! Who will America’s nerdiest most introverted babies will have no one to look to and go “man, if that guy can be a mascot, I guess I can be whatever I want as well”. Because all those guys. Are afraid. Of flipping people off.

  • The Mets have fired the man inside the suit, which has thrown baseball fans up in arms! How dare they! They love this flip off maven!

  • What do you think of this specific costumed bird flipping Mr. Met? Is he a hero or is he a big baseball? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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