Sony Thrills With Arkham Asylum Style Spider-Man Game

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  • Guys, when you’re sitting on your butt, watching the new trailers for E3 games — the annual convention that shows off the games coming to your delightful TV screens and handheld throughout the next year and change — the last thing you expect is a surprise of comic book magnitude. And yet, here we are. Impossibly, the show was stolen at Sony’s presentations not by delightful first person shooters, Bioshocks, or whatnot, but by a keen little wall crawler named — oh, I don’t know — Peter Parker!?

    That’s right folks, the Spider-Man game thrilled onlookers as it burst onti the scene — seemingly game publisher Insomniac‘s version of Arkham Asylum, that beloved Batman game where you roam around the asylum grounds or Gotham City. Even more exciting — it was a very modern Spider-Man game. The main villain was Mr. Negative, aka the first villain from the more modern arc of Spider-Man comics started a decade ago. Nice.

    People of course had much to say about this exciting new game — some goofs. Some gaffes. Some jokes. Maybe some japes? Well, people were spreading this terrible footage from the old Spider-Man 3 game as a joke. I love it.

  • Oh goofs and japes! So thrilling! A great part of this trailer too? Who’s this character in the end of the video? Why is that— the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales! Maybe not the new Spider-Man yet! But exciting to see!

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