Jaden Smith Is Our New White Suited Batman in Music Video

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  • Jaden Smith is quietly covering up a name as a weird avant grade dynamo whose work confuses some, but artistically delights others. For example, remember when he brought his own cut off dreads to the MetGala — which delighted Vogue’s Leon Talley, and dumbfounded the internet. Then there’s of course the time he wore a white Batman suit to Kim and Kanye’s wedding. Now, the blanc Batman is back, in a music video starring Jaden Smith — partially based on Drake’s “Jumpman”, where a melancholy Jaden Smith looks at his wall of ideas — sees Batman — and suits up and heads out on an adventure.

    What kind of adventure? Well, he drives in a Batmobile for a little bit, then he runs into some rivals — aka, the dudes outside of the Grauman’s Theater in Hollywood who dress up as superheroes for tips. Clearly the heroes sense there can only be one true fake Batman and fight the poor boy.

    Overall reviews for the thing are mixed — some are annoyed with the song, some are admiring Jaden Smith’s ballsiness of dressing up in a white Batman suit and going around town. My coworker Mitch says “I like more than anything the look of the video. I think it’s well shot and the cinematography is great, and it has a young black kid in a white Batman costume!”. All true. Thank you, Mitch.

    Jaden, I admire your fearlessness and audacity. What do you think though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending

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