Larry David Is Actually Related To Bernie Sanders

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  • During a press conference for the upcoming season of Larry David’s long adored HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, Larry David revealed that he’s recently discovered that he’s related to Vermont Senator and popular leftist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. David discovered this unlikely and odd factoid on an upcoming episode of PBS’ “Finding Your Roots” series, where celebrities discover where their genealogical roots stem from — and there David discovered he is, in his words, Bernie Sanders’ “third cousin or something”.

    The connection is delightful — not least of which because Larry David and Bernie Sanders are both adorable crotchety balding old men who do look and sound pretty similar — David famously played Bernie Sanders in the first half of the last season of Saturday Night Live. Now it’s just a cousin playing a cousin!? Such adventure! What delight! It’s like a fan fiction wish turned into life!

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