Channing Tatum Shows Off SEXY DANCE MOVES at North Carolina Gas Station

Channing Tatum's Logan Lucky press tour has him charming and flirting with fans all across America.
By Alex Firer
  • Last time Channing Tatum worked with Steven Sodenbergh, the duo made Magic Mike, and when the pair reteamed to create the upcoming Logan Lucky, we knew we were in for something untraditional, but we never expected it to actually revolutionize the press junket! Rather than doing the same old dog and pony show where a star goes on a thousand talk shows, Logan Lucky instead sent Channing Tatum across America as he records incredibly charming videos with everyone from children to convenience store owners — in the video posted here.

    One has been grabbing headlines today, after he showed off his sexy dance moves to an incredibly charming convenience store owner. He used to be a dancer himself, so Channing Tatum knows what he’s doing when he’s bumping and grinding, and it’s fun to watch people just reacting to his goofiness and his sexy star power!

    That’s not the only one though, take for example his interview with a young girl in North Carolina which he calls “Easily the most stressful interview I’ve ever done”. It’s unbelievably charming, watch it below.

  • There are more and more to come, and I urge you to check it out under the hashtag #jimmylogansrun. With press this adorable, how could anyone ever sit through a boring junket ever again?

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