Stupid Chicken Keeps Getting Head Stuck in Bread

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  • Now, on the lighter side of the news, here is a chicken who keeps getting his big dumb chicken head stuck in bread in a viral video as the person recording the video laughs and laughs and laughs at the chicken and the chicken’s bread stuck ways.

    It’s a dark world out there. The world is growing crueler and crueler. We need comedy to help us survive these difficult years. We need the chicken who keeps getting his big old head stuck in bread. “Help me”, you might think the chicken is crying, “Why is my ridiculous head stuck in bread seemingly day in and day out?” This is the comedy the world needs right now. The 60’s had Lenny Bruce, the 70’s had Richard Pryor, and the 2010’s have this chicken with its head stuck in some bread. Thank you chicken, thank you for making America laugh.

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