Scooter Flies Into SINKHOLE as Man Checks PHONE

The rider escaped with just a few scratches.
By Alex Firer
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  • Ah, and yet another reason why you should never text and drive. A scooter rider in China was seen looking at his phone when a massive sinkhole opened up just a few feet in front of him, causing him to topple in. What could have been so important on his phone that he could ignore whatever is in front of him? A particularly salacious text that said “don’t look at the sinkhole in front of you”? A news story pinged that said “100% do not look at the sinkhole”? A WikiHow about how to fall into a sink hole? All possibilities! But whatever is on there, the guy is lucky he just got a few scratches on him.

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  • Guys, using your cell phone while driving is dangerous as all heck, don’t do it, I repeat, don’t do it! This guy couldn’t see a gigantic sinkhole in front of him! Let every viral video serve as a lesson folks, especially ones about pets screwing with your birthday gifts and junk. What a life.

    The pit was six feet deep, twenty six feet long and sixteen feet wide, and it’s a ridiculous thing to fall into. Good job all.

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