Spice Girl Mel B Storms Off AGT Set After Simon Cowell’s Tasteless Joke

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  • America’s Got Talent is live which, as we all know, can result in a series of unexpected moments. We got two for the price of one last night, and it’s incredible that all of the hubbub around a magic trick involving Houdini like handcuffs, death traps, handcuffs and a pit of fire was someone just throwing water into someone’s face. However, that is exactly what happened when a magic trick failed and Simon Cowell made quite the tasteless joke about Spice Girl Mel B’s marriage.

    The magic trick started off promisingly enough, with the magician, one Demian Aditya attempting to escape a wooden box surrounded by flames. The build up was glorious! However, due to some kind of mistake, the trick never ended up being fulfilled, with Demian sheepishly stepping out behind Simon Cowell and surprising him with a fire extinguisher. Simon Cowell hit the red X and quickly tossed off — “I kind of imagine this would be like Mel B’s wedding night”— before he could finish the host was doused in water and Mel B walked off stage. Simon Cowell meekly finished “A lot of anticipation, not much promise or delivery.” The joke wasn’t the best, so it’s pretty cool how he got shown up. Here’s hoping anger and passions cool down and we can go back to enjoying some America Getting Talent!

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