Here Is A Dog Singing the Opera “Ave Maria”

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  • The internet is filled with wonderful hours of boredom passed by perfectly — and nowhere is this more apparent than on Reddit — where weirdos can wile away the hours, sometimes causing chaos, but sometimes using their boredom filled hours to give us a perfect— perfect— half minute of entertainment. Like, for example, the perfect 36 seconds of this dog singing the opera Ave Maria.

    The Redditor claims he discovered a video of a dog howling the first note of Ave Maria, and of course had no choice but to edit it so it sings the first 36 seconds! And you know what — it’s still beautiful! Anything howled by a dog is beautiful, opera is beautiful — of course we had to share this video with you! It was all sorts of buckets of beautiful! Thank you Redditor and dog! You have delighted us but yet again! Thank you! Thank you!

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