Pregnant Woman Kicked Out of Restaurant For Wearing CROP TOP

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  • Charisha Raylee Gobin was kicked out of a restaurant called the Buzz Inn in Marysville, Washington for their “no shirt, no shoes no service” policy, but she was wearing all three. The reason her dress code didn’t work for the establishment? She was a pregnant woman wearing a crop top!

    Charisa Raylee Gobin was seven and a half month pregnant with twins when she entered the Buzz Inn wearing a crop top which said “Weirdo” on it — a label apparently the Buzz Inn agreed with when the water informed Charisha her outfit was violating the restaurant’s dress code?

    Violating your dress code? Come on! A pregnant woman shouldn’t make you that uncomfortable! You’re revealing way too much about yourself server. Oh boy.

    In a now deleted post, Charisa shared her story on Facebook and it was met with outrage! As well it should have been! Let’s be kinder to our pregnant citizens, alright!? They’re carrying lives! Lives! The Buzz Inn ended up apologizing saying —

  • Alright, so it sounds like everyone learned a lesson. The Buzz Inn learned not to be weird about pregnant people, and Charisa learned the value of a nice viral complaint post! Oo, that’s a spicy Biuzz Inn in Marysville, Washington meatball!

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