Sean Spicer Makes SURPRISE Appearance at Emmys

But is this part of an ill advised redemption?
By Alex Firer
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  • Folks, it’s been a ridiculous year for all of entertainment — something absolutely showcased in part at this year’s Emmys. From Alec Baldwin winning an Emmy award for his portrayal of Donald Trump on SNL, to Sean Spicer making an appearance as the Melissa McCarthy version of himself at the Emmys — complete on a rolling podium and all. The bit begins with Stephen Colbert wondering about the size of the Emmys audience, and then he calls out Sean Spicer who says this will be the biggest audience for the Emmys ever— which is an echo of the kinds of comments he said for Donald Trump’s inauguration audience which — as all records show — was considerably smaller than Obama’s.

    Now the clip was popular, but it was dogged by a lot of questions — does this guy who more or less lied for a president who supported nazis and tried to destroy healthcare so the rich could get a tax cut— does this guy actually deserve to rehabilitate his image? Is this kind gross that this guy is being allowed a presence during a major awards show? And a lot of people say yes. Some say no. Although who knows — maybe once all this Trump stuff is over everyone from his cabinet will have one tacky cameo appearance on a late night or awards show each.

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