Weekly WTF: Sexy Weights, Glitter Tongue and MORE

A man got his dick stuck in a weight and more in our weekly WTF.
By Alex Firer

  • More, more WTF’s, we proclaim! More! Welcome to the latest weekly WTF playlist from our extremely good friends at Watchable, presenting the most messed up stories that the week has provided us. The first? The glitter tongue challenge! Yes, the glitter tongue challenge, where you coat your tongue in glitter to make it— more attractive? It’s confusing what the end result here is. If you lick something everyone will know it, what’s the point?

    Although if a glittery tongue isn’t your game, try a big old bright pink face. Or wait— actually don’t! That’s what one Twitter user did and her face seems to have gotten stained pink beyond any removal. She used poster paint and I guess the label “comes off skin” was taken too seriously by her. It just comes off your hands! Be careful! Just your hand!

    Then a dude got his dick stuck in a gym weight. He is a good man and tried to fuck a weight I guess. Then there were the nurses who flipped off and harassed hour old babies. This, unlike the man who got his dick stuck in a weight, is an awful story that brings me no joy.

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