Toddler CONFUSED at Screen That Is Not Touch Screen

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  • How different is this upcoming generations’ technology compared to ours? Well, check this out! All of us, of a certain— older millennial age — we remember the Game Boy. Heck, we remember buttons — nice pressable non touch screen buttons. But watch how confused this little girl is while playing this game boy that the screen is not a touch sensor! The buttons are right below it, but this child has never lived in a world without an iPhone! To her this screen is confusing madness! Madness, we say, madness!

    And how sad. That this girl cannot enjoy the art of… hold on… let me listen to the music… Poke’mon Yellow! The Poke’mon game for the Game Boy where Pikachu follows you around! Oh! Kids these days! Unable to enjoy the subtle beauty of a tiny disgusting 8 bit screen showing the world’s ugliest Pikachu that has to be managed by buttons instead of fingers. The poor. Poor. Child.

    Man technology has changed.

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