Wily Raccoon Flies Onto Cops’ Windshield

By Alex Firer
Why, raccoons are at it again, yes they are!
  • Raccoonimage thumb

    Source: storage.googleapis.com / Via: apnews.com

  • You’d think they would know better — after all, the little thing around their eyes looks exactly like a burglars’ mask. However, I have very bad news. Raccoons are absolutely up to their no good shit yet again. Officer Frabbiele was driving his police van down the street, minding his own wonderful Officer Frabbiele self — when the window got pounced on by a mad raccoon! As you can see from the image above, the raccoon was both a.) wily and b.) a big trouble maker.

    The raccoon then jumped off the windshield and scurried off into the night. Sure to tell other raccoons his incredible tale of getting a cool photo of being on a windshield taken of him. What a life… for this one raccoon! Incredible photo… incredible animal. All very good things.

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