Couple Thinks Butt Shaking Skeleton Possessed by Demon

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  • I bet you would think a fifteen minute video of an old couple terrified by a dancing animatronic skeleton would be dull, but folks, I have good news. It is anything but. The excitement begins around the seven minute mark when the animatronic skeleton starts barking “what do you want”, with the couple trying to talk to him asking him what he wants. He then releases some unintelligible bark, which the couple hears as “you”, and proceeds to try to tell the skeleton they will not be getting them, to which the skeleton responds by dancing as quickly and insanely as possible as the couple tries to get it to stop.

    I’ll say this — as much as I enjoy the surreality of the video, the truth is I would be just as terrified if a manic toy just started dancing at me that quickly. And who knows — maybe it actually is possessed — but if it is, I gotta say, I wouldn’t think possession would be so easy to solve by just unplugging the damn thing. Blugh.

    Fun video though! Love a little butt shaking skeleton. What do you think though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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