Miley Cyrus Talks CAR ACCIDENTS, Being More Than A Halloween Costume

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  • Recently, Carpool Karaoke has become more than James Corden ever thought it could be! Ever since he and George Michael first stepped out to sing on the way to an awards show, he’s launched a super-star studded, glorious beacon of carpool glory. His latest video — with Wrecking Ball, Party in the USA and pop chameleon Miley Cyrus, is a particularly interesting one, as Miley reveals she has gotten into CAR ACCIDENTS everywhere! Like, all the time… even in her driveway! And — as she recalls — once on the set of The Voice! She called it a “hit and run,” but ultimately fessed up after discovering that she crashed into a sound trailer.

    Miley Cyrus also discussed how the VMA’s — and her infamous performance with Robin Thicke, therein — inspired her to take up activism. She realized that if she was capable of getting that much attention for something trivial, she could use the power of her fame to bring attention to topics that could very much use it a lot better. It’s a very insightful interview with an oft maligned star.

    Also, James Corden using her infamous massive tongue to lick giant stamps was pretty cool.

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