Garfield Creator Clarifies Disgusting 1990 Comic Strip

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  • For a certain geekier portion of the internet, there’s nothing more satisfying than a weird Garfield joke. There’s Garfield Minus Garfield from almost a decade ago (oh no!!) and Lasagna Cat which recently unveiled a new batch of shorts. However, one of the most widely contested weird Garfield things comes from Jim Davis, the Garfield creator, himself. It’s a comic strip from 1990 that involved Jon drinking… well. You better see it for yourself.

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  • Yuuuch. The most common theory behind this is that Jon Arbuckle is drinking something to help a dog breed. Now that’s the euphemism I’m using, but according to Jim Davis it’s not that far from the truth. The conversation reignited after a Twitter user Tweeted out a framed print of the comic strip with Jim Davis writing “This is canon” in his familiar handwriting.

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  • It’s not sure if that’s ACTUALLY Jim Davis’ canonical signature, or what the deal with that frame is, but Buzzfeed got a quote from Jim Davis explaining the comic. Davis said —

    “On the farm, we used to give first-calf heifers a high protein supplement to help them deliver healthier calves. The supplement was provided by our vet… I assumed that there would be a similar supplement for dogs. So Jon is drinking a protein-enriched drink formulated for a pregnant dog.

    There you have it!” – Jim Davis

    Jim. Come on. He’s drinking a high protein supplement!? That’s your joke! Jim Davis. That joke is not as good as the one we thought it was.

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