Beyonce’ to Star as Nala in Live Action Lion King Movie

By Alex Firer
Or as I call it now... the Nala movie.
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  • This is the power of Beyonce, folks — that just playing a role that was pretty minor in the original Lion King movie, she can take a project so seemingly disposable and turn it into something as big as any movie out there. Beyonce is set to join Jon Favreau’s live action Lion King movie as Nala — Simba’s childhood friend turned love interest. In the movie Nala’s greatest role is discovering Simba when he is in exile and bringing him back to the Pridelands to stop Scar. In this movie now? I don’t know — that’s the whole movie at this point, right?

    Beyonce joins the cast of Donald Glover, James Earl Jones, Chiwetel Eijofor, Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner. Each of those guys is someone’s personal Beyonce, but Beyonce is no one’s personal like— Seth Rogen, you know? She’s the world’s Beyonce! So congratulations Beyonce. You’ve taken a movie that for all intents and purposes would have looked like a lukewarm cash in and turned it into a movie that will break the universe.

    Hakuna Matata, Disney people.

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