This Woman Has Been Turning Harasser’s Half Baked Apologies Into Poetry

“I came of age in a culture of demons I respect more than women” - Weinstein's apology, as recut by O'Hare.
By Alex Firer
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  • When the Louis CK apology came in a lot of people were very underwhelmed by it. The apology did something that most apologies don’t do— admit that he harassed women — and didn’t do something a good apology probably should (actually apologize). In fact it spent more time talking about how admired he was than it did actually trying to make right the things he did wrong. That’s not great. It’s also only the latest in a series of dumb apologies that are very underwhelming, and so Isobel O’Hare (@isobelohare on Twitter) has been blacking out parts of the apology to make a weirdly more honest statement from the poor apologizers.

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  • By blacking out words, Weinstein’s apology now says “I came of age in a culture of demons I respect more than women”. Louis CK’s now says “My dick is a question I run from”. Kevin Spacey’s have been changed to “There are stories about me that have been fueled by my own behavior”. Check some more out below .

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  • Much much more can be found at O’Hare’s Instagram here. Talking to Refinery29, she said —

    “My hope is that the spell of the erasure [will] lift the veil of PR language and show people what is really being asked of them, or communicated to them, through these statements.”

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