“The So It Goes Curse”—Why Can’t People Remember Anything About This Taylor Song?

Is this song the anti earworm??
By Alex Firer

  • Taylor Swift fans around the world are all discovering that one of the new songs from “Reputation” is mysteriously impossible to remember. Taylor Swift’s new album “Reputation” was finally released on November 10th, but fans noticed something peculiar.

    This song, titled “So It Goes…” doesn’t sound that different than the other tracks on “Reputation.”

    Except, once fans are done listening to it…. they can’t remember anything about it! There are tons of tweets of fans confessing that they can’t remember anything about a song they were just bopping along to.Even when fans try to compare it to other Taylor songs, they draw a blank

    What sort of trickery is this? How it possible for a song to be so loved by fans and yet, they instantly forget it?

    This could be a big discovery: the anti-earworm! If you have a song stuck in your head, just listen to “So It Goes…” and Boom! No more songs.

    A few lucky people are able to lodge a few of the lines in their memory, but that’s about it.

    Even music critics have pointed out the strange forgettableness of “So It Goes…”

    Slate.com describes So It Goes, saying “There are structural flips, modulations, [and] patterns that suddenly burst into tunefulness, and tunes interrupted by sarcastic asides, all letting you forget about the sections you don’t like for the length of a pre- or post-chorus that maybe you do.”

    Pitchfork referred to the track as being “replacement-level trap-pop.”

    What is happening here? What makes “So It Goes” so great, yet so forgettable? Let us know what your theory is in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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