Liza Koshy Becomes First YouTube Star to Answer Vogue’s 73 Questions

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  • Vogue’s 73 questions — first begun by Joe Sabia for the magazine’s website — has had many luminaries answering their incredible questions. Daisy Ridley, Chrissy Teigen and Amy Adams have each answered these many questions — but each of those mighty actresses has had their success in the mainstream world. The world of movies and TV — you know — your grandpa’s entertainment. Well, look out grandpa — here comes Liza Koshy — here to become the first YouTube star to answer the 73 questions, and boy is she a good representative for the digital world.

    The interview is charming, fun, silly, and ends with a magic trick that we wouldn’t dare spoil for you here. However, anyone even tangentially familiar with the incredible Liza knows this is no surprise. You just have to watch some of her incredible vides to get even a hint of her incredible charm and abilities.

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