Chance Wants Barack Obama to Return on SNL in New R+B Song

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  • Now that we have a president who’s fine with Nazis and loves to stare at the eclipse we’re missing Obama all the more. Of course, we missed Obama the moment the election results came in, and Chance the Rapper’s original take on this with his Jingle Barack song, and now they’re back — with new cast member Chris Redd along for the ride. The song— Come Back, Barack takes the form of a 90’s/early 00’s style R+B slow jam and gives us a lot of reasons to continue missing Barack Obama.

    We have a golden candlelit space, Kenan throwing a bouquet angrily at a wall, and bargaining. Kenan wonders how much it would cost just for Barack Obama to make a speech, and upon hearing the price goes “We definitely can’t afford that” and observes he is getting rained on for nothing. Watch the video above, and check out this other sketch starring Chance the Rapper where people wonder why Batman keeps patrolling certain specific neighborhoods a little bit more than others, and one where he plays— Steve Harvey’s illegitimate son!? Whaaa— What a great episode.

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    Also, remember Chance the Rapper’s Christmas mixtape from last year, “Merry Christmas, Little Mama”? Well I do! Check it out, here!

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